About us

S TECH“ was established in 2019 by a group of engineers working together for many years. What inspired us to found our own company were the same basic ideas and perspectives on the profession. Moreover, along the way we were lucky enough to participate in the implementation of some large scale projects.

Our company specializes in the field of civil engineering, providing services primarily in structural design, consulting, and engineering. We aim to be a provider of a one-stop-shop format of service to local and international companies of all activities concerning civil/structural engineering.

To get the job done in high quality, on schedule, on the budget can sometimes be quite challenging. However, we are a dedicated group who treat commitments with the highest level of responsibility. This approach is the value our Clients can recognize and rely on us as a trustworthy partner.


Bojan Zelenković

Structural Engineer


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Daniel Arsenović

Structural Engineer


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Luka Popržen

Structural Engineer


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There is a long way between the initial idea and the delivery of a project, and structural design is only a small piece of the puzzle that can strongly impact the overall success of a project. The ability of designers to foresee project constraints is a skill that is developed through experience on its execution.

Our team gained substantial experience through the various roles we played on different levels of the hierarchy of project teams, from junior designers and project engineers to the role of project managers of multi-million projects with multidisciplinary project teams. This experience is translated into the delivery of optimized solutions by foreseeing and addressing a number of potential challenges on project execution in its early stages. For example, the design stage does not concern itself only with structural issues, like bearing capacity and stability of the structure, but with many more, thus bringing value to the final solution.

We have worked in 9 different countries on three continents, and we had the chance to work with a great number of project stakeholders from many different cultural backgrounds. This is how we gained invaluable experience and developed a sense of professional communication with our international clients

Our associates

If required by the scope of the work, we can increase our capacity thanks to the well-established and tested cooperation with our associate companies. With these companies, we have developed standardized working procedures, so we can act at short notice as one company.


Being a responsible and reliable partner, delivering high quality solutions by means of the latest engineering software and other engineering techniques, all in line with contemporary engineering practices, standards, and as a result, developing strong business bonds and long-lasting relationships with the Clients.


Becoming a regional leader and internationally recognized company in the field of the design of metal structures. Developing our own capacities for fabrication of the metal structures.